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The Buffer Model® is a response to the £17 billion in cash languishing in the current bank accounts of UK charities earning little, if any, interest.

The Buffer Model® provides a proven alternative, transforming available cash into incremental and unrestricted income.

Who benefits from the Buffer Model®?

Any UK charity with over £500,000 in available cash is eligible to enjoy the benefits of the Buffer Model®. Over £12m of charity funds are already earning 2.5% annually via the Buffer Model®. 

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How does the Buffer Model® work?

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Case Study

Since its launch in 2017 the Buffer Model® has been tried and tested and has generated over £300,000 of incremental unrestricted income.

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The Buffer Model® – with the social investors providing the guarantees – provides the assurances charities need about their investments. This approach is innovative and ground breaking and provides real, tangible returns.
— Linda Minnis, Chief Executive Charities Trust

With our experience in charity financial strategy and management we understand that protecting charity capital is a primary concern.

Are you a charity looking for alternative cash management models? Get in touch to discuss how the Buffer Model® can work for you.