Citizen Heart collaborates with trusted, expert partners to deliver innovative business models for charities.

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Headquartered in London, Tavira Securities offers a comprehensive suite of world-class financial services to a diverse group of global clients, including asset managers, hedge funds, government institutions, corporates, family offices and high net worth individuals. 

As an investment manager for Citizen Heart’s Buffer Model®they understand the importance of balancing innovation with risk management in investment strategies for charities.

Additionally Tavira Securities, acting as the Social Impact Investor for the Buffer Model®, provides an unique capital protection by adding an additional 10% of their own funds to the Charities cash to guarantee the return.

In a low interest rate environment charities are forced to look at their cash management models. Citizen Heart, through its extensive connections in the financial services and the not-for-profit sectors, is rapidly building a model that gives charities a genuine alternative to investing their cash with better returns, while maintaining the safety and liquidity of their funds.
— Eliot Goodfellow, Tavira Group CEO, and Patrick Fietje, London CEO


We are long-time supporters of the IoFs Innovation and Partnership activity and most recently have contributed to their Diversity Access Fund for the 2019 Fundraising Convention.

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ELIAS Partnership is an independent elite legal and business advisory service. Its focus is supporting organisations meet their obligations under regulations such as the GDPR and emerging technologies including the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

ELIAS Partnership’s chairman, Dean Armstrong QC, is a leading authority on Cyber and Data law. He is also the author of Cyber Security: Law and Practice.